The Redefine of Realign

D.D. Palmer aka the discoverer of Chiropractic. He'd make a good mall Santa huh?

You may find yourself asking what is the big difference between Realign and other chiropractic offices. Here's what you should know.

Realign's business model began by stripping chiropractic care down to the principles the practice originated from  - helping people maintain optimal health and functionality while avoiding unnecessary medicine or surgery. D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, described the care as, "A science of healing without drugs."

Advancements of modern day medicine has led to the addition of techniques such as myofascial release, therapeutic stretching,  Graston, taping and STIM.

However, while your doctor may see these practices as beneficial to your treatment plan, your insurance provider may not.

Insurance and other government health programs can be expensive and frustrating for both consumers and their providers. When push comes to shove and medical care is needed, a patient is typically thankful they are insured. In fact, one of the most common questions medical professionals hear is, "Will my insurance cover this?"

The issue with insurance plans is they often add a unnecessary layer of bureaucracy to healthcare. For example, have you ever received a bill from an office visit and wondered why you were being asked to pay for simple things like a STIM treatment or even an ice pack? You may find yourself saying things like, "But I paid my co-pay that visit." or "They put me on STIM, I didn't think I had a choice.".

These were services that your doctor provided you because they deemed it necessary for your treatment and well-being. And despite your provider billing out with reasonable explanation, an outside force decided that the service in question wasn't all that important.

As a patient, you know you pay good money for your insurance. So why are you sitting in waiting rooms filling out more paperwork and forms with more personal information for longer than you sit in front of your physician?

Dealing with these back end regulations has led to offices having to fall back on salesman like gimmicks  with an over emphasis on quantity of patients versus quality treatment.

Doesn't sound like something ole D.D. Palmer would of said huh?

So Realign eliminated insurance from our business model and focused our treatment options to what was most beneficial to our patients. What are these benefits?

  1. Affordable care - By eliminating added administration costs, Realign is able to offer fair, simple and transparent pricing. No more, "We'll send to insurance and see what they pay. Here's hoping it doesn't have to come out of the patient x's pocket, fingers crossed!"
  2.  Patient value - We're not demanding your insurance card and social security number as we say hello. By taking out the middleman that insurance can become, we are able to be present and emphatic to the patient on hands problems. Not looking at a watch and already thinking ahead to our next one.
  3. Shorter wait time - You don't have to fill out unnecessary forms, you simply schedule your appointment at a time convenient to you, see the doctor, and go on with your day.
  4. All patients are welcome - Insurance can limit your provider options. With Realign you don't have to worry if your insurance will cover our treatments - it's a flat rate. If we're your  preferred provider, then now you can choose our service with no outside influence. And no hard feelings if you don't!

By no means is this post meant to be a dig at insurance companies or current providers who choose to utilize them. Insurance can be a wonderful thing and necessary, especially in medical emergencies.

Realign just found eliminating insurance allowed us the ability to build a practice that enable us to provide the service we wanted to. As with everything, we want to be transparent with our patients. So just like in every aspect of your purchasing life, shop around, browse the interwebs, and ask some friends. We'll be here if you decide on us. Open arms and no red tape.


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