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What’s your cancellation policy?

You are free to cancel–no questions asked–within 24 hours of your scheduled visit. No shows and late cancels may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Emergencies happen to all of us. Just let us know when you can.

I was a past patient of Dr. Menke. Do I really need to have an initial consult performed?

Patients who have been seen by Dr. Menke in the past two years do not require an initial consult and exam.

I want to file on my insurance! What do I need to do?

Realign does not submit insurance directly, however, we are happy to provide you with information on submitting the proper paperwork/forms for insurance claims so that you can receive compensation on your end. This means you’ll reap the rewards of whatever payout your insurance chooses to issue.

If you still have questions let Dr. Menke know on your next visit or send us an email.

I need help choosing a plan. What do you recommend?

For patients who just need a once-a-month adjustment we suggest  taking advantage of our pay per visit rate.

If you plan on visiting the office more than twice a month, you may want to lean towards purchasing an unlimited monthly plan or package deal. Package deals are ideal for patients suffering from acute conditions. Patients with chronic conditions or who desire more preventative/maintenance-type care may find monthly plans a more cost-effective solution.

How is your plan and packaging billing set up?

You decide!

Monthly unlimited plans can be billed monthly as a reoccurring charge for a predetermined amount of time or you can pay per month. Package deal holders – we’ll keep you informed at the office when you are down to your last visit and you can decide if you want to re-up.

Bottom line: you won’t ever see a charge from us without your consent.

I purchased a package. can i return it?

Yes, however, a monetary refund will only be issued for unused visits. Used visits will be charged at the individual drop-in rate ($40 adult/ $25 children under 18).

For example, if you purchased a six visit package for $195 and came into the office three times, you will receive a $90 refund .

I purchased a monthly plan. Can I be refunded?

Monthly unlimited plans are not eligible for a return/refund. Plans are subject for cancellation during the first five days of the patients monthly billing cycle.

For example, if you purchased an individual plan and came into the office you will still be responsible for that month. If you purchased an individual plan and have not seen the doctor within the first five days of that month, you are eligible for a full refund .

Arizona is not my year-round home. What are my options?

We know everyone does not call AZ their home year round, which is part of the reasoning behind our flexible billing plans. You will still have the same options as permanent residents and you can pick up where we left off the following year.